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"Mighty lord is the destructive ilusion:
scourges of titanic power.
Blue dangers wrap our life;
grasp of colosal terror sinking peace
beneath that tragic abyss.
Roaring seas lash our torments,
beyond the anger of the mighty storms,
where the Leviathan's legacy,
becomes a living falacy.
Kneel before the kingdom of the origins,
the jungle of the promised gift,
turned into a punishment, a cruel grief.
What is this cold embrace?
What is this fear bending wills to kneel?
In the name of Poseidon we travel ahead,
to the dominions of this blue abyss.
Through the shape of Neptune we submit
to the rage of the treacherous oceans.
This is the realm of the inverse sky,
tainted and blessed by nature and deities alike...
Behold the unrestrained savage...
that doesn't obey, but to ravage!!…
Instinto es la marca de la bestia:
Un mundo acelerado en la palma del monstruo.
Bombea esa fase de penetrante pasión;
matanza asesina y falsa razón.
Soy el poder, tú la inspiración,
hambrientos somos por violentos pecados.
¡Despierten cuerpos la alegría!...
¡La sed!¡La gloriosa epifanía!
Derecha e izquierda, caminos y senderos,
decisiones al borde de nuestro cataclismo.
Una devastación gigante sin contención
es el rugido del valor versátil:
posesión digna de una mente hábil.
Enjaulados por cuatro horizontes
es el límite de nuestro poder.
¡Conoce tus límites, bestia despiadada!
¡Este asesino busca saciar su fuente!
Una pesadilla bienvenida en mis tierras,
cubiertas con un abrazo de granito:
¡¡Sólidas e inquebrantables guerras
que me conducen hacia el infinito!!
"The sky is the limit it's called...
That calling that takes us away:
In many ways those foolish whispers are shaped...
Without knowing beyond the dark day.
Siblings of existence
are the unknown breaths of Terra;
darkness soaked memories, they are.
Free, my beloved ones, I cherish
from this vessel... heading to perish.
Among the ignorants, I'm walking
judging like a Savior to their creations...
Let me, my lost brothers, be in your sky.
This darkened veil surrended to you
for us to find the ultimate meaning;
not known, not living.
Let this city play their games,
this dim metropolis of fantasy players...
I summon the words of this land
wrapped in your beautiful journey,
leading me to the truth.
Shimmering really are these esences!
Oh, strayed breaths of this kingdom,
let us find together that ultimate wish:
it's our key, our freedom.


A 3d designer, lover of videogames, looking to create his own creations and more


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